Massage is a way of releasing muscles that are not able to release themselves. As over 60% of the horses’ bodyweight is made up of muscle, one tense muscle can have a serious impact on the way the horse moves and the surrounding muscles. Attending to the ‘minor’ or insignificant injuries quickly can often prevent major problems from occurring further down the line. Massage on a consistent basis can produce positive effects which then build upon themselves with each massage.

Massage can be used in training, pre and post competition and is a work out for the muscles. Stiff, tight muscles will tear much easier than soft ones and having regular massages can help your horse (like any elite athlete) work to the best of his ability willingly. Whatever you dream to do with your equine partner, these benefits will make their life as easy and enjoyable as possible and is a wonderful addition to that tool box for your horses well-being.


With many years experience teaching Pony club rallies/ camps and my own clients, I have developed a unique style of teaching which I'm able to tailor to suit each individual situation. With my experience in eventing I excel in both dressage, show jumping and cross country training up to Novice level eventing or Elementary level dressage.

When teaching, my aim is to make lessons fun and informative for all ages.


The rehabilitation process is a very individual one and can vary completely in timescale and the type of work given from horse to horse. The work done can include a mixture of massage, groundwork, ridden work and lessons. Some spaces maybe available at my own yard.  I'm happy to come see the horse in person and further discussions as to what the owner is looking for and what may realistically be achieved.




I compete a number of horses throughout the year for both myself  and other people, and i'm always happy to consider taking on more. My experience of competing as part of Stirling University Equestrian club up to National championship level - which involves getting a tune out of an unkown horse within 10mins, before completing either a show jumping round or dressage test - has helped make me very adaptable to riding a range of different horses while maintaining my nerve in the competition arena.

Coupled with my gentle and patient yet firm approach, I've had great results over a number of different disciplines.

If you are interested in me competing your horse, please contact me to discuss what you are looking for. I like to build a partnership with a horse before taking it out to compete so may ask to school the horse for a few sessions/ weeks prior to competition. 


I offer a variety of massage techniques including: 

  • Sports & Remedial Massage
  • Indian Head Massage

A note for Equestrian athletes.

In almost all cases, both the rider and horse in a partnership will have the same muscular tension patterns. Rider and horse pick up each others strengths and weaknesses, so to get only one half of the partnership massaged can sometimes only partly improve performance. Massage of both parties can unleash the full benefits and start to break the patterns of tension.

Massages are available from my new treatment room at home in Catterick, or alternatively home appointments can be made. Click on my contact page to message me.