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From an early age I wanted to work with horses. I joined the Pony Club when I was 7 and started vaulting at 8; since then I’ve competed successfully in Vaulting, Tetrathlon, Eventing, Show Jumping, Showing and Dressage.

I’m known as a kind, sympathetic rider who horses work well with. As a teenager I started bringing on young ponies that went on to have happy new homes. Developing a wide range of horses and ponies has given me a breadth of knowledge and hands on experience which makes me a very adaptable rider.

My interest in equine massage started at 14 when one of my own horses had some massage therapy. I was fascinated by the results that massage could offer, which led me to the path of becoming an Equine Sports Massage therapist.

At 17 in 2008 I completed the ITEC certificate in Human Swedish Massage before going to Stirling University where I completed a BA hons in Psychology and Sports Studies in 2012. At University I was involved with the Riding Club, and became Secretary, Team Captain and President.  I also became an Olympic Ambassador for the University leading up to the London 2012 Olympics. My abilities were recognised, winning the Airthrey Trophy for Best Sporting Achievement of the year (2011), a Colours Award (2012) and nominated for Sports Personality of the year.

In 2011 I started working at Gill Webster’s Natural Healing Clinic (now Bodywork) where I developed my human massage skills and completed a course in Indian Head Massage.

Once I was eligible, at 21 I was accepted onto the ITEC Equine Sports Massage course run by the world-renowned Mary Bromiley in Somerset. I qualified in 2013 gaining an 'A' for my dissertation “The Use of Massage on the Competitive Vaulting Horse” which has been published in the Equine Sports Massage Association’s newsletter (ITEC’s governing body)

In 2015, I qualified as a Human Sports and Remedial massage therapist. Enhancing the service I provide to my human clients. I was also honoured to be offered a position working for Classical Dressage rider & trainer Manuel Jorge de Oliveir (who trains Anja Beran). I spent 2 months in Germany training in classical dressage, having the privilege of riding many talented horses with Manuel himself instructing.

My knowledge of horses as a rider and trainer gives me exceptional insight and feeling when assessing and massaging riders and their horses, allowing me to pinpoint primary and secondary causes of tension and suggest suitable stretches and exercises for improvement.

I’m passionate about my work, and believe there is nothing more rewarding than helping others to achieve their goals in life. I’m constantly learning, growing and developing all my skills with horses and riders alike.

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Massage is a way of releasing muscles that are not able to release themselves. As over 60% of the horses’ bodyweight is made up of muscle, one tense muscle can have a serious impact on the way the horse moves and the surrounding muscles. Attending to the ‘minor’ or insignificant injuries quickly can often prevent major problems from occurring further down the line. Massage on a consistent basis can produce positive effects which then build upon themselves with each massage.

Massage can be used in training, pre and post competition and is a work out for the muscles. Stiff, tight muscles will tear much easier than soft ones and having regular massages can help your horse (like any elite athlete) work to the best of his ability willingly. Whatever you dream to do with your equine partner, these benefits will make their life as easy and enjoyable as possible and is a wonderful addition to that tool box for your horses well-being.


With many years experience teaching Pony club rallies/ camps and my own clients, I have developed a unique style of teaching which I'm able to tailor to suit each individual situation. With my experience in eventing I excel in both dressage, show jumping and cross country training up to Novice level eventing or Elementary level dressage.

When teaching, my aim is to make lessons fun and informative for all ages.


The rehabilitation process is a very individual one and can vary completely in timescale and the type of work given from horse to horse. The work done can include a mixture of massage, groundwork, ridden work and lessons. Some spaces maybe available at my own yard.  I'm happy to come see the horse in person and further discussions as to what the owner is looking for and what may realistically be achieved.




I compete a number of horses throughout the year for both myself  and other people, and i'm always happy to consider taking on more. My experience of competing as part of Stirling University Equestrian club up to National championship level - which involves getting a tune out of an unkown horse within 10mins, before completing either a show jumping round or dressage test - has helped make me very adaptable to riding a range of different horses while maintaining my nerve in the competition arena.

Coupled with my gentle and patient yet firm approach, I've had great results over a number of different disciplines.

If you are interested in me competing your horse, please contact me to discuss what you are looking for. I like to build a partnership with a horse before taking it out to compete so may ask to school the horse for a few sessions/ weeks prior to competition. 


I offer a variety of massage techniques including: 

  • Sports & Remedial Massage
  • Indian Head Massage

A note for Equestrian athletes.

In almost all cases, both the rider and horse in a partnership will have the same muscular tension patterns. Rider and horse pick up each others strengths and weaknesses, so to get only one half of the partnership massaged can sometimes only partly improve performance. Massage of both parties can unleash the full benefits and start to break the patterns of tension.

Massages are available from my new treatment room at home in Catterick, or alternatively home appointments can be made. Click on my contact page to message me. 








Initial session is £45.00 which includes a 1.30hr consultation and treatment.

Repeat bookings are £40.00

The First appointment will include an overall assessment of the horse. I will take a thorough history, evaluate the horses conformation while at rest and during motion (walk and trot).

I will then work thoroughly over the whole body, using a mixture of sports massage techniques and passive stretching to release tension found. Advice will be offered regarding the horses care following this treatment and any stretches to be used demonstrated with full instructions. 

Follow-up appointments will be made based on findings from the initial assessment. Horses often need more than one session to reap the full benefits of massage, with the timescale varying from the following week to 6 weeks time. This will depend on the findings from the initial massage and will be discussed with the client so that it is realistic for the horse and what the rider hopes to achieve.

Pre and Post event massage

Massage prior to an event can help your horse perform to the best of their ability, helping them focus mentally and feel supple and relaxed/raring to go. While Post event massage helps to disperse lactic acid and promote a quicker recovery which can be vital for those horses involved in an event spanning several days.

Please contact to discuss specific requirements.



Horse and Rider Partnership Massage.

Package includes: 

1 x Equine Massage session PLUS  1 x 60min Human Massage Session.

Priced at £70 (Saving of £15)

Clients may also book a block of 4 equine massages for the price of 3. 

Must be paid in advance. Massages must be given within 8 months of initial booking.

Priced at £135 (saving of £45)





Training & schooling

I travel to clients own yards to give riders lessons on their own horses and am happy to do individual or group bookings. I am also available to be booked for other locations (e.g. cross country schooling).

Schooling sessions are also done at the horses present location, and can include a mixture of groundwork and riddenwork dependant on what the horse and owner are looking for.



I'm happy to compete horses in a variety of areas including Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage, Showing and Working Hunter and like to build up a rapport with the horse prior to competition. This enables both owner and horse to get the best out of their competition experience.

Please contact me to discuss price & requirements.






The rehabilitation process is a very individual one and can vary completely in timescale and the type of work given from horse to horse. The work done can include a mixture of massage, groundwork, ridden work and lessons. Some spaces maybe available at my own yard.  I'm happy to come see the horse in person and further discussions as to what the owner is looking for and what may realistically be achieved.

Rehabilitation - Please contact to discuss requirements



Human Massage appointments are carried out as home visits. I have my  own massage table and provides a range of treatments to suit your personal requirements.  Treatments available include Swedish, Deep therapeutic, Sports and Indian Head massage or a combination of several. 

Swedish / Therapeutic / Sports

  •  30 mins £25
  • 45 mins £30
  • 60 mins £35

Indian Head Massage

  • 30 mins £25
  • 45 mins £30










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"I have known Caitlin for many years and have always been impressed by her skills. and attention to detail. I am sure she will make a great success of her new business." Ann Hunt MBE, MRCVS, BVMS

"Caitlin has been my massage therapist for more than a year. Her professional skills and regular monthly treatments have greatly helped numerous muscle related injuries and allowed me to maintain my training regime. I would highly recommend Caitlin.” Ken Martin

"Having injured my right leg in preparation for the London marathon in 2008 and not had any treatment, I had learned my lesson. This year, while training for the Dublin marathon I suffered a pull in the same thigh and sought immediate attention. Caitlin massaged both my legs intensely during a single session, working out a lot of tightness in my calves and ITBs and loosening up my injured thigh. I was running again within three days, doing 30 miles that week and back up to higher mileage training, including an 18 mile run at the beginning of the following week. I know from experience that my recovery would have been much slower without Caitlin's help and expertise - and I did not have time to lose! The whole experience was excellent: the welcome, the explanation of what she was doing, advice on recovery and most importantly the end result. Many thanks, Caitlin!" Alasdair Glen

"I first went to Caitlin at The Natural Healing Clinic about a year ago, after a long history of problems with my back, neck and shoulders.  I had tried a variety of treatments before.  Right from the start, I was impressed with Caitlin's knowledge, professionalism and experience and, above all, by the results.  For me, Caitlin is the best! Caitlin seems to know exactly how to iron out any tight, tense and aching areas and leave me feeling very relaxed and calm.  As well as being an excellent masseuse, she is a lovely, friendly person.  The best recommendation I can give is to say that, since attending Caitlin, I don't have the discomfort and pain in my back, neck and shoulders that I used to have. The location in Bridge of Allan is good and central too.  I am more than happy that I have found the right treatment for me." Sandra Breslin

"After health and behavioural problems Caitlin gave me and my horse hope. She's never been the easiest but Caitlin was quiet and patient (with both of us) as well as ensuring my girl was able to do what she was being asked to after a hip injury. Can't thank her enough." Sarah Johnstone






Thanks for contacting me. 

I'm usually out and about so please do message me via the website or my phone. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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